About Mina Gallery

Based in Tehran, Iran, Mina Abolghasemi is the founder, designer, and maker of Mina Gallery Jewelries. She has been involved with Arts since high school. She started painting at a very young age and, in this period, was under the supervision of the great artists namely, Ebrahim Jafari, Aydin Aghdashloo, Djamal Khorraminejad, and Saied Abdolbaghi; becoming an expert in both watercolor and acrylic. Since then, she has held several group and solo painting exhibitions. Finally, she officially started her work in 2005 after being interested in jewelry design for some time. Painting has been so effective in her vision and it can be seen in her works. Uniqueness is one of the key characteristics of any piece of Mina Gallery jewelry. Now, after more than a decade, she has a studio and is one of the top professionals in her field. Her brand, Mina Gallery, is amongst the most popular brands in jewelry.